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Charter Trains

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The Charter train is a personal way to schedule incentive trips, presentations, tourist packages or any big event that require an exclusive transport method with a high capacity.

Once the departure and arrival are selected, these trains enable you to schedule intermediate stops, timetables, select onboard café/restaurant services, as well as to personalise the train with the organiser's corporate logo.

Requests can be made to the Group Department stating your requirements for a charter train, with the following details:

  • Date.
  • Timetables.
  • No. of passengers.
  • Departure, arrival and possible intermediate stops.
  • Other services.

After analysing the request and availability of rolling stock at the time, Renfe Viajeros will assess the cost and set the price for commissioning the requested Charter train.

Menus can be viewed and requested via b2in.

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