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Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance)

Personal Card

Personal cards bear cardholder details and their photo. They are designed so cardholders can add individual passes:

  • Monthly Pass.
  • Unlimited Monthly Pass.
  • Study Pass.
  • Discounted tickets: Tarjeta Dorada card, Large family…

They can also be used for other products such as Bonotren, one-way tickets and return tickets.

They let passengers load all ticket types possible at the Cercanías hub.

They can be topped-up with any valid ticket, though not at the same time unless they are multi-trip tickets with the same number of zones.

Passengers can get their personal card by filling out the application form at sales points or the on the Renfe website and then handing it in at the Cercanías stations in Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María or San Fernando-Bahía Sur alongside the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of a valid ID document (DNI/NIE or passport).
  2. Current photograph.
  3. Documentation proving eligibility for any discounts.


Non-personal Card

Used for tickets that do not require personal identification.- Single, Return and Bonotren.

These tickets may be purchased at ticket offices or self-service machines upon payment of 50 cents€.

Exceptional circumstances.- Topping-up Non-personal Cards:

Single, return and Bonotren with a duly accredited discount entitlement by ticket office staff for passengers who are not regular hub visitors without Personalised Contactless Card application processing time. Card valid for seven days following purchase.

  • For further information: Cordoba Station Helpline: 957 769 215.

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