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Tarjeta +Renfe Joven 50 Card

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Tarjeta +Renfe Joven 50 Card

This is a personal, named and non-transferrable card that provides holders with a discount on the General/Base fare depending on the trains used and how far in advance the purchase is made. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with others except for the Large Family discount and those specifically indicated in the ticket’s terms and conditions.

It can be purchased by young people between the ages of 14 and 25 at the time of card purchase or renewal. It costs 50€.

The card is valid for one year starting from the purchase date and can be renewed every full year.

  • AVE and Larga Distancia (Long Distance):
    • 50% discount for purchases made 30 days in advance or more.
    • 40% discount for purchases made 15 days in advance or more.
    • 30% discount for purchases made less than 15 days in advance.
  • Avant, Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance) and Cercanías/Rodalíes (Commuter):
    • 25% discount.

Sales Channels

The card can be purchased at and after payment, passengers receive a “customer number” for identification purposes and to access the card's benefits. It can be cancelled at no cost up to two hours after purchase, provided it has not been used.

Tickets should be purchased by providing the “customer number” at Ticket offices at Stations, Ceuta Sales Office,, Travel Agencies in person and Online, Telephone Sales Renfe Contigo 912 320 320, Renfe Ticket, Multiproduct Self-service Machines and Cercanías and Media Distancia Self-service Machines.


  • The ticket can be changed for the same day at no cost, within its period of validity.
  • If passengers wish to change the ticket for another day, they will pay a change fee of 20% of the original ticket price. On Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance) trains, a minimum 1€ fee per ticket applies.

If the price of the new ticket is higher, passengers pay the difference.

If the changed ticket is cheaper, 15% will be discounted from the price difference after any applicable change fees are deducted.


Cancellations are allowed, with a fee of 30% of the ticket price.

Missed Trains

In the case of AVE or Larga Distancia (Long-Distance) trains that are missed for causes not attributable to Renfe, those passengers who have arrived at the departure station at least 30 minutes before the scheduled train departure time will be given the option to travel on the next train with available seats, under the terms and conditions specified by Renfe.

Passengers will need to pay 20% of the new ticket price based on the General fare, if they travel in the same class – or lower – as that of the original ticket.

Loyalty Programme

Passengers who purchase the Tarjeta +Renfe Joven 50 card will be automatically signed up to the +Renfe loyalty programme and enjoy its benefits.

They may get +Renfe points for train ticket purchases or for contracting services from partner companies on the programme. Collected points can be exchanged for new train tickets, hotel stays and even to renew the card itself.

Passengers need to show the ticket alongside the booking validation and valid documents proving they are eligible for the discounts, including the Tarjeta +Renfe Joven 50 card in any of its versions, and keep them until the end of the journey. In addition, they must have their identity document with them.

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