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Voucher Parking

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Renfe Viajeros provides its customers with a parking voucher at some stations, though customers must carry a valid ticket in all cases.

Customers may only use the car park at the departure or destination station listed on the ticket, but car parks at intermediate stops along the route and stations in the same city cannot be used.


  • +Renfe and +Renfe Plata cardholders travelling in First Class (regardless of the Fare) with an AVE or Long Distance ticket will have free parking for 24 hours with a one-way ticket or 48 hours for a round trip ticket (except at Madrid Puerta de Atocha).
  • +Renfe Oro and +Renfe Premium cardholders (regardless of the class and Fare) with an AVE, Long Distance or Avant ticket will have free parking for 24 hours with a one-way ticket or 48 hours for a round trip ticket.

In either case, the cards must be valid and customers must present the ticket bearing the printed number of the loyalty card.

Each vehicle has the right to only a single voucher and tickets cannot be accumulated.

The right to a parking voucher is always limited to the capacity of each car park.

Check all the car parks.

With automated procedure.

With automated procedure through the VIA-T electronic toll collection system.

With manual procedure.

With automated procedure

Customers entitled to a parking voucher must go to the automatic terminals in the SABA car park and scan their ticket in the terminal's scanner/reader.

With the same reader, customers should then scan the barcode, Bidi or QR code on their train ticket. The machine will automatically make the corresponding discount (complete rebate or payment of the difference to pay if necessary).

If the train ticket code cannot be scanned in the machine's reader/scanner, the customer must print the ticket.

With manual procedure.

After completing the journey, customers should give the original tickets to the security and station personnel who monitor car park exits.

Customers wishing to conserve the ticket will get a copy of it (photocopy, scanned or available mechanical or digital copy). In any case, the original will indicate that the parking voucher had been established.

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