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Travelling with Pets

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Travel on AVE, Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant, Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance), Cercanías (Commuter) and Feve trains is limited to small pets, such as, dogs, cats, ferrets and birds (not farmyard animals).

Small pets will be allowed on trains, always under the owner’s custody on all journey legs and provided that the other passengers do not object or are inconvenienced. Onboard staff will otherwise find the best alternative to enable your journey to continue in any section of the train and, where this is not possible, passengers will be offered the chance to travel on another train or get a refund for their ticket.

The animal must travel with the documentation and comply with health and safety conditions established in current legislation.

In certain instances, pet transport may be limited.

Guide and assistance dogs will be allowed to travel with their duly identified owners for free.

Trainers and socialisation agents have the same access rights as guide/assistance dog owners when they are accompanied by them during training. They must also be duly identified.

Only one animal per passenger will be allowed. It should be kept in a discreet spot during the journey by the owner's feet so that it interacts as little as possible with other passengers, and should be permanently held by its owner.

  • On AVE, Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant and Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance) services, animals not weighing more than 10 kg will be allowed to travel in a cage, carrier or other type of closed container that measures 60x35x35 cm and has a waste storage and removal system.

    In berths, they will only be allowed in a fully reserved compartment.

    Pets are not allowed for passengers on a Combined Train + Bus Ticket.

    Animals will travel with a ticket without seat occupancy.

    • In AVE and Larga Distancia (Long Distance) trains, pet transport is free in First Class, First Class sleeper or Grand Class and Grand Comfort seat. For other classes, they will pay 25% of a Standard and Standard+ fare.
    • On Avant and Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance) trains, they will pay 25% of the Standard fare.
    • Tickets should be purchases onboard for pets travelling with passengers on an Integrated Ticket.
  • On Cercanías (Commuter) and Feve services, dogs and ferrets when not carried in cages need to travel muzzled and on a fixed-length lead not above 1.5 m, and be permanently held by their owners.

    Animals will travel without a ticket and without seat occupancy.

Sales Channels

Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Offices in Stations, Ceuta Sales Office, and Travel Agencies in person.


Tickets are issued as per the same conditions as the accompanying passenger's ticket.


There is a 15% cancellation fee% on the refunded ticket price.

Passengers need to show their tickets in the aforementioned instances alongside their pet's documentation, and keep them until the end of the journey.

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