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This service is provided on all AVE trains and generally on Long Distance trains.

This is a meeting point and a recreation area where you can enjoy a coffee or soft drink and an extensive range of food. The daytime offer includes hot and cold gourmet sandwiches and subs, salads, appetizers and some “combo” menus that include a hot/cold beverage and side orders at a lower price.

You can view products and prices at b2in.

Altaria, Alvia (depending on the assigned rolling stock), AVE, Euromed and Talgo trains include cafeteria areas that are open non-stop throughout your journey.

This service stays open on Trenhotel night trains from departure until 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. until arrival.

AV City trains may or may not have a cafeteria depending on their rolling stock. Trains with no cafeteria will have vending machines with cold products.

Alvia trains that do not have this service because of the assigned rolling stock nevertheless have vending machines, namely:

  • Madrid – Ponferrada (daily).
  • Madrid – Gijón (extra seating trains for Fridays and Sundays).
  • Madrid – Santander (extra seating trains for Fridays and Sundays).
  • Madrid – Huelva (daily extra seating trains).
  • Madrid – Salamanca (daily).

Trains are equipped with convection ovens for their Cafeteria product heating or baking services. It is not permitted to put tupperware or baby food containers (plastic or glass) into the ovens to warm them up. They are not equipped with microwave ovens.

Trolley Service

In addition to the cafeteria, some designated Renfe AVE and Long Distance trains have a trolley service that lets customers buy food at their own seats without having to get up. This service has a broad selection of combo menus and cold and hot beverages.

  • This service will be provided every day on all AVE and Euromed trains in Tourist and Tourist+ classes.
  • The service will only be provided on Saturdays on all AVE and Euromed trains in First class.
  • The daily Long Distance trains selected by Renfe Viajeros will provide this Trolley Service every day in all classes.

You can view products and prices at b2in.

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