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Silent Car

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Renfe has Silent Cars for customers to satisfy the growing need of passengers to enjoy a calm and quiet journey to rest and concentrate on their work or reading. This service is provided in the Tourist class for AVE trains at no additional cost for customers. Trains with this service will be marked with the corresponding icon (Silent Car Icon).

This car is a space where:

  • Mobile phone conversations are not permitted.
  • Headphones must be worn to listen to audio or video and always at volumes that do not disturb other passengers. No headphones are offered in this car.
  • All electronic devices must be switched to silent mode.
  • Only essential service-related announcements will be made on the tannoy.
  • With a view to preserving a relaxed atmosphere, the lighting intensity is lowered whenever possible and an ideal temperature is kept constant.
  • Silence should be observed and we thus ask that passengers speak softly and refrain from engaging long conversations.
  • The Trolley and food services will not be provided.

The following exceptions will be in place to guarantee service quality:

  • Passengers younger than 14 years of age are not permitted.
  • The 4-Seat Table Fare will be unavailable.
  • The Groups Fare will be unavailable.
  • Passengers with pets will not be admitted.

Sales Channels

Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Offices in Stations, Ceuta Sales Office, and In-person Travel Agencies.

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