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This guide covers the services offered to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility and the procedure for obtaining assistance during their journey.

Booking and Purchasing Tickets

(*) To help you obtain your ticket, we provide home delivery. This option is available in the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

Request the Atendo service for High Speed-Long Distance Trains, High Speed-Medium Distance and Conventional Medium Distance trains

The request for assistance can be made when purchasing the ticket through any sales channel or by calling +34 91 214 05 05 .

To process your ticket properly, we need to know your travel needs. When purchasing your ticket or requesting assistance, please indicate the assistance type according to the following list:

  • Person travelling in own wheelchair who needs an H-seat.
  • Person in a folding wheelchair travelling in a regular seat.
  • Person with an auditory or visual disability but without a guide dog/attendant.
  • Person with reduced mobility.

If you need a transit wheelchair for getting through the station and/or getting onto the train, please call +34 91 214 05 05 .

For Medium Distance trains, if you have a ticket without an assigned seat and need to travel in a space for reduced mobility (H-seat), please request assistance by calling +34 91 214 05 05 and going to the meeting point at the departure station for your journey at least 30 minutes before departure.

In the case of multiple simultaneous requests for assistance, priority will be assigned based on the type of disability and advance request.

Stations with continuous Atendo service

At stations in which the Atendo assistance service is provided continuously, passengers can obtain the service without a prior request by simply going to the designated meeting point at the station of origin at least 30 minutes before departure and showing their ticket. The Atendo staff will arrange and provide assistance at both the departure and destination stations.

The Atendo Attention and Assistance service is provided continuously during the stations' opening hours and at times when accessible trains are in the station.

To obtain this service, the train departure and destination stations must offer continuous service so that we can offer the services in all guarantee and safety.

Stations with on-demand Atendo service

In stations with on-demand assistance service, the passenger can obtain the service by requesting it at least 12 hours before the departure time of the train. These stations are indicated on the list of accessible stations with the (12h) mark.

To receive a fully guaranteed service, you will need to go to the meeting point at the train departure station for your journey at least 30 minutes before departure.

Place and time limit for showing up

Once you have requested Atendo service, you must go to the designated meeting point at the station, shown on the list of stations on the website, at least 30 minutes before departure to guarantee that you can be taken to the train and helped into your seat.

Benefits for your journey

If the train you are travelling on has a specific seat for reduced mobility in First Class, your fare will be the same as for a ticket in Tourist class.

If your disability is 65% or greater, you can obtain the Renfe Gold Card, which is good for one year and offers discounts of between 25 and 40% depending on the train selected and the day of the week you travel.

You can also obtain the Gold Card in its companion version, which allows you to travel with a companion, with both of you enjoying the same discount conditions.

Wheelchair users

Wheelchairs may not exceed the following dimensions: width 700 mm, depth 1300 mm, height 1400 mm. (Royal Decree 1544/2007).

If you are travelling in a conventional seat, your wheelchair must fold up for transport.

If you are using other special mobility devices, please ask the Atendo Central Office about the possibility of taking them on the train.

Onboard services

The films shown onboard are subtitled.

Onboard staff is available to provide any help passengers may need. Throughout the journey, they will make sure you're comfortable and monitor your needs.

Travelling with a companion

In cases in which the passenger needs special assistance to communicate, eat, drink or use the washroom, a travel companion will be required.

In cases in which the passenger is unable to understand safety-related instructions given by the crew, the presence of a companion during the journey will be required.

Atendo Central Office

This is the office for specialised and personalised attention to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility travelling by train. It is available to customers and has adapted telephone and telematic devices, induction loops and leaflets in accessible formats to provide accessible communication. It also has an accessible computer station.

If you wish to travel in a group, contact the Atendo Central Office so they can help you organize your journey.

The Atendo Central Office is located at the Madrid Atocha Suburban Trains station and is open to the public between 06:00 and 12:00 midnight.

In special situations, this office provides customers with information and arranges their journey in the most suitable manner possible.

Likewise, if you would like to travel to a destination not listed in this guide, contact us and we will study your case and, depending on the accessibility of the trains and facilities, provide a travel alternative. We will do everything possible to organise your journey in complete safety, comfort and a guarantee of service.


You must follow the travel requirements provided in this guide. Otherwise, Renfe may not be able to guarantee provision of the service, although it will do everything possible to provide the necessary assistance.


Regulations for rail transport accessibility for persons with disabilities are provided in Royal Decree 1544/2007 of 23 November, which regulates the basic conditions of accessibility and non-discrimination for access and use of modes of transport by persons with disabilities.

More information

You can obtain additional information 24 hours a day by calling +34 91 214 05 05 .

For enquiries related to your journey, please do not hesitate to contact us through the channels we provide, or:

  • At the following address: Oficina Central Atendo/Estación de Cercanías de Madrid Atocha/28015 Madrid.
  • By calling: +34 91 774 40 40.
  • By e-mail to: Central Attention Office


Book and request assistance at any train station.

To receive the requested assistance, you must be at the departure station for your journey at least 30 minutes before departure.

So that we can provide the Atendo service properly, we recommend you request assistance when buying your ticket in advance.

General information about the Atendo Service: +34 91 774 40 40.

Additional information