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International Assistance

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Request for assistance to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility for international routes

You can request assistance for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility on journeys in various European member countries of the International Union of Railways (UIC).

CountryRailway Company
Austria OBB
Rep. Checa CD
Alemania DB
Gran Bretaña EUROSTAR
Italia FS
Luxemburgo CFL
Suiza SBB
España Renfe
Suecia Trafikverket
Dinamarca DSB
Francia SNCF
Holanda NS
Polonia PKP

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When requesting a route with various connections, it will only be possible to acquire a wheelchair-accessible seat (H-seat) if one is available on all the trains on the route.

When you purchase one of these seats (H-seats), the request for assistance is sent automatically to the Atendo service.

For all other persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, assistance must be requested through the Atendo Central Office.

Requests for assistance for international routes must be made at least 48 hours before departure from the station of origin.

Conditions for wheelchair users

Wheelchairs must not exceed the following maximum dimensions: width 700 mm, depth 1300 mm, height 1400 mm. (Royal Decree 1544/2007).

If you are travelling in a conventional seat, your wheelchair must fold up for transport.

If you are using other special mobility devices, please ask the Atendo Central Office about the possibility of taking them on the train.

Onboard services

Onboard staff members are available to provide any help passengers may need. Throughout the journey, they will make sure you're comfortable and monitor your needs.

Travelling with a companion

In cases in which the passenger needs special assistance to communicate, eat, drink or use the washroom, a travel companion will be required.

In cases in which the passenger is unable to understand safety-related instructions given by the crew, the presence of a companion during the journey will be required.

The different railway companies establish discounts for these companions.


You must follow the travel requirements provided in this guide. Otherwise, Renfe may not be able to guarantee provision of the service, although it will do everything possible to provide the necessary assistance.

More information

The different railway companies' travel conditions for companions can be consulted at points of sale at stations, travel agencies and by calling the customer service and information telephone number.

They can also be consulted on the International Journeys page.

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