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Villena is placed in the northwest of Alicante province, in Alt Vinalopó’s region. It’s an important crossroads between Valencian, Murcia and Castile-La Mancha communities.

Its unique geographical situation, near villages like Biar, Sax, Fuente la Higuera, Yecla and Caudete has made of Villena an important communications knot known as “el Pasillo de Villena" (Villena’s Corridor) since antiquity.

Villena is an old town crowned by its most typical symbol: an antique Arabic origin castle. The original civil core was at the foot of this fortress and the town has grown around it, surrounded by extensive crops. After the Reconquest, its masters were famous bloodline men: the Manuel, Aragón and Pacheco; and Villena was, for many years, the capital of an extensive marquisate which had influence on national history..

It’s a border town between the shining Levant and the austere Plateau, as well as language limit for its Castilian condition at the edge of former Aragón kingdom. The severe, airy temples and the old castle’s secular stones aren’t in conflict with modern architecture in the urban whole; here, progress goes hand in hand and blends with old traditions.

Nature routes

Villena’s marvellous natural conditions offer a lot of possibilities to hiking and climbing fans. Tracks network roaming along Villena’s area is of great landscaping and nature value, gazing at a typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Irene recommends

Villena’s Treasure.

Villena’s Treasure is one of the most amazing golden discoveries of Bronze Age. I invite you to visit it in the Archaeological Museum.

Visitor’s reception centre

Visit schedule from June to September

  • From Tuesday to Sunday, holidays and Mondays (holiday eve): ): From 11 to 14 h.
  • Saturdays afternoon: From 17.00 to 19.00h.
  • CLOSED: Mondays.

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