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Welcome to Tarraco, a city that is rich for its heritage, culture, beaches, gastronomy and, ultimately, for its Mediterranean essence.

The Camp de Tarragona train station, located 14km from Tarragona, has a regular bus line and also offers a taxi service. The PLANA buses will take you to the bus station located in the Plaza Imperial Tarraco, the main entrance to the city, from where you can reach the historic centre strolling through the city’s streets or by taking the number 2 line local bus to the Portal del Roser.

Tarragona is a city of great Roman, medieval and modernist legacy, but it mainly stands out for its historical Roman ensemble that was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2000.

A good way to start your trip around Roman Tarragona is by visiting the scale model of the city where you can discover what the Tarraco of the II century A.D. was like, from there go along C/ Cavallers, Major and Merceria until you reach the Plaça del Forum where the remains of the city’s old Provincial Forum walls, which were built in the I century A.D., can be seen.

Going down C/Santa Anna, where we find one of the city’s human tower group’s (colles castelleres) training premises, you will arrive at the Plaça del Rei where you can see the Praetorian Tower (Torre del Pretorio), built during the mandate of Emperor Vespasian, and the Roman Circus built in the I century A.D., one of the best conserved in Europe.

Less than five minutes on foot we find the Amphitheatre, located in a privileged setting in front of the Mediterranean, built in the II century A.D. for the enjoyment of the public that filled the 14.000 seats.

Courtesy of the Tarragona Tourist Board and by showing your Renfe Spain Pass you can enjoy this visit along with an official guide. You can book it at the Tourist Office in the “ Antic Ajuntament” located in C/Major 37 or in the Tourist Office in Rambla Nova on the corner with C/Unió.

To have a rest after your visit there is nothing better than enjoying an aperitif on one of the terraces in the historic centre, taking in the warm weather and the city’s atmosphere.

Tarragona’s gastronomy stands out for its richness and variety and by offering high quality local produce. Enjoy this traditional cuisine in any of the restaurants in the Old Town and finish it off by tasting a glass of Chartreuse, a digestive liqueur that is very much appreciated by the people of Tarragona.

A new possibility is to have a guided visit of the Cathedral that includes the Roman walls in the Cloister, the remains of Augustus’ Roman Temple and the magnificent bell-tower, from where you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the city. In order to book this visit you should go to the Cathedral ticket office located at the entrance to the cloister.

To relax after this visit there is nothing better than a quiet stroll along Rambla Nova, one of the main commercial streets that ends at the “Mediterranean Balcony” (Balcón del Mediterráneo) where you should “touch iron” (touch the iron railing) and enjoy an ice-cream on one of the many terraces you will find there.

An enchanting place to finish off your day is the El Serrallo fishing district where you will discover its maritime character before tasting one of its most traditional dishes called Romesquet, an icon of El Serrallo gastronomy.

Another option to enjoy a second day in Tarragona is to visit the National Archeological Museum where you will find the mosaic of Medusa, amongst many other archeological gems.

There are also other enjoyable ways of discovering the city; enjoy the panoramic views offered by the tourist train and/or rent an electric bike and even a Segway to enjoy the Tarragona coast, or visit one of the best conserved Roman aqueducts, the Devil’s Bridge ( Pont del Diable). You can get further information at any of the city’s tourist offices.


Oficina de Turismo de Tarragona-Mayor
Calle Major 39
43003 Tarragona
Email: Oficina de Turismo de Tarragona



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