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Campo de Criptana

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Welcome to the Land of Giants

The most characteristic feature of Campo de Criptana are the windmills and the Albaicín Criptano, with its narrow streets, steep slopes and whitewashed one-story houses with indigo skirting boards typical of La Mancha

According to Cervantist scholars, it was here in Campo de Criptana that Don Quixote's most popular and well-known adventure took place: his battle against the giants that turned out to be windmills (Chapter 8 of the first part of Don Quixote).

The Campo de Criptana Windmills are considered Cultural Property and the Infanto, Sardinero and Burleta Windmills are considered, in turn, Monuments of Historical and Artistic Interest.

Essential visits:
The Windmills (Villa de Criptana's symbol of identity), the Albaicín Criptano, El Pósito (The Granary), the Caves, the Shrines, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción's Church and the Cellars.

Irene recommends

El Toboso

El Toboso, which owes the better part of its fame to Cervantes' literary work Don Quixote, is home to monuments of historical and artistic import as well as a myriad of charming spots and corners typical of small villages in La Mancha, with its traditional masonry and mud-walls and the refulgent whiteness of its whitewashed walls.

The typical houses from La Mancha and the white or stone walls make El Toboso into an enchanting village with an authentic La Mancha flavour.

Essential visits

  • Dulcinea's House Museum.
  • Cervantes Centre.
  • The Parochial Church.
  • The Dulcinea Humoristic Graphic Arts Museum.
  • The Trinitarian Convent Museum.

Tourist information

  • Oficina de Turismo de Campo de Criptana
  • Calle del Barbero, 1


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