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Royal Site of Aranjuez

Aranjuez's layout includes an old quarter that has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site, royal palaces, and gardens lining the banks of the Tagus river. The concepts of the Enlightenment, adapted to the urban layout of the cities, here find expression in a harmonious balance between man and nature, watercourses and garden design, forests and palace architecture. For all these reasons, the cultural landscape of Aranjuez has been awarded the World Heritage designation by the UNESCO.

The valley of Aranjuez, between the Tagus and Jarama rivers, has been inhabited since the distant past. Its current layout dates from the reign of Philip II (16th century), who awarded the town its title of Royal Site. Philip V (17th-18th century) and Charles III (18th century) transformed Aranjuez into a courtly centre where the palace architecture combines with forests and gardens, in keeping with the aesthetic tastes of the Enlightenment. The reticular layout of the streets in its historic quarter owes it

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Museum of the Royal Barges

It is located in the Prince's Garden and offers the chance to recreate the maritime travels of Charles IV and Ferdinand VII of Spain.

It has one of the most spectacular collections of recreational crafts belonging to the Spanish monarchs, and also includes paintings of the Spanish fleet in the 19th century, as well as a range of navigation instruments.

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Oficina de Turismo de Aranjuez

Plaza de San Antonio, 9
28300 Aranjuez, Madrid




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