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Dazzling architecture.

The coolest nights out, romantic evenings, the tastiest paella or the most ground-breaking festival await in the traditional yet transgressive Mediterranean city of Valencia.

A paella with a sea view

The Moors brought rice to the city and this led to the star dish of Valencian cuisine - a symbol of Spanish gastronomy around the world: paella. You can try it at one of the restaurants located on the Playa de las Arenas beach alongside panoramic views over the sea, or head to one of the restaurants in the heart of the Albufera Nature Reserve. It is a delight for the senses. ¡Bon appétit!

Experience the Fallas

Experiencing our most international festival, the Fallas, is to vibrate alongside the 'mascletà' firecrackers, to thrill at the 'Ofrenda' tribute, and to revel in the satire and humour of the over 400 Fallas monuments in the streets and squares throughout the city from 15th to 19th March. A 24-hour party awaits with fireworks, rock concerts and open-air dances around the city.

The coolest nights out

Savouring the best tapas in a restaurant overhanging the sea, having a drink in a quiet square in El Carmen neighbourhood or a 16th-century palazzo, and dancing next to voracious sharks until dawn are just some of the options available to you after midnight in Valencia.


Tradition and handicrafts alongside new, avant-garde approaches make Valencia a cosmopolitan city with a busy shopping and commercial centre. If you like urban shopping, lose yourself in the areas around the historical centre or in neighbourhoods such as Ruzafa or Eixample, where fashion and design meet.

The freshest sip: Horchata

Make sure to taste this popular soft drink made with a fruit grown in Valencia: the tiger nut. It will be your sweetest snack if you also order some delicious traditional “fartons” pastries to go with it. Find a terrace in the heart of the city and ¡you'll love it even more!

Cycling around the Turia Gardens

A bike ride around the Turia Gardens will transport you to the heart of nature in the centre of the city. The nine kilometres of paths start at the Cabecera Park. From here, the journey goes past museums, monuments, and mediaeval and modern-day bridges. And the final flourish comes on arrival at the City of Arts and Sciences.

The best sunset in the Albufera lagoon

One of the best ways to discover a nature area with some of the greatest environmental and ecological value in Europe is at the Albufera Nature Reserve on a boat ride - even more so if done at sunset! The golden orange hues combine to offer a beautiful sight every evening.

Sport and adrenaline in Valencia

Grand Prix motorcycle racing (MotoGP) puts Valencia on the map for large sports events, welcoming thousands of fans who come to thrill at their sports idols. The competitions are held in unique settings and add a shine to their host cities.

A catamaran around the Mediterranean

Enjoy the rhythm of chill out music, with the background murmur of the sea, the warm evening sun caressing your skin and a glass of cava in hand! Mundo Marino offers a catamaran trip out in the Med for an unbeatable sight: sunset over the Marina Real Juan Carlos I harbour.

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  • From 1st January to 31st December.

    Contemporary art in municipal collections. This collection comprises nearly 40 works selected from the Council's holdings by 33 contemporary artists such as Manolo Valdés, Nassio Bayarri, Teixidor, Ricardo Boix, Genovés, Equipo Realidad, El Hortelano, Sebastián Miralles and Equip Crónica. The collection is mainly centred on art from the 1960s to 80s and is housed on the ground floor of the City Museum.

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