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A city of encounters...

Artistic Heritage. Salamanca's historical centre is home to marvellous monumental heritage with standout examples of different periods: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Plateresque...… In addition, the city provides ways to discover some of its most emblematic locations in a different way, such as the “leronimus” exhibition at the cathedral. The exhibition is a tour of the inside and its famous mediaeval towers to discover its 900 years of history.

Centre of Knowledge. Salamanca is the university city par excellence: the University of Salamanca is one of the best examples of Renaissance Spain and one of the oldest centres in Europe. In its heyday, it was the leading European university. And some of the best Spanish thinkers, artists and writers have studied there.

City of the Spanish Language. The first grammar book of Spanish was published here in the 15th century and became an essential tool for its spread around the world. The city is also one of the top destinations for foreign students who want to learn Spanish. Of course, Salamanca is one of the main stages on the Route of the Spanish Language.

In addition to what can be seen with the naked eye, Salamanca brims with a fantastic selection of history and tales, mazes, memory, wonderful archives, inventions, etc. Everything and much more...

Every city makes its own time and lives by it.

You are invited to discover Salamanca. If you have never been before, get ready for surprises; if you already know the city, be amazed once again. A fun, university and lively town awaits. The city is home to diverse sets of people: students, tourists and locals - one of the city's main attributes, they are what make it a pleasant, fresh and youthful place.

The city is always open, ready to welcome you and show off its rich heritage, culture and gastronomy. The city is a World Heritage site and has many historical spots and buildings, all located in the old town meaning any tour needs to be done on foot. Sunrise and sunset are magical times. The light transforms the city, inside and out: a unique brilliance bathes the golden façades and the characters who travelled through the city throughout its history come to life.

What to see

  • Plaza Mayor. The square was built in a Baroque style in line with Alberto Churriguera's design. The Baroque Town Hall is located on the north side and has five granite arches and a belfry set among four allegorical figures. The medallions stand out among the adornments, including those of Charles I, Alfonso XI, Ferdinand VI, Cervantes and Saint Teresa.
  • A stroll around the Calle de Rua Street to the new and old cathedrals.
  • The Plateresque façade of the university - find the frog!
  • Church and Convent of San Esteban. This is a Dominican Order convent. It was built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Although Gothic in style, its adornment is Baroque and Plateresque. The Roman cross, single-nave church houses a standout Baroque altarpiece with Solomonic columns by José de Churriguera.
  • The Cathedrals. When we talk about Salamanca Cathedral, we are actually referring to two conjoined churches. One is the Old Cathedral dating from the 12th-13th centuries, and the other is the 16th-century New Cathedral. The Old Cathedral is Romanesque and its El Gallo Tower is a highlight. The choir stalls designed by Joaquín Churriguera in 1727 stand out in the New Cathedral. The beautiful Baroque retrochoir has Renaissance images on it such as Our Lady of Loreto and Saint John the Baptist.
    Make sure to head up to the top of the cathedrals and La Clerecia Towers.
  • Casa Lis. This is one of the city's most appreciated monuments and its north façade - the current entrance for visitors - is the best example of Modernist art in Salamanca. The beautiful stained glass windows on the south façade, facing the river, are a particular highlight, providing lots of light for the building.
  • Casa de las Conchas. This civic building attracts visitors thanks to the over three hundred shells decorating the external walls.
  • Covent of Las Claras. The Baroque high altarpiece in the church is a highlight, alongside the 18th-century organ, the Mudejar coffered ceiling of the cloister, the paintings and a 15th-century wooden statue of Jesus.
  • Garden of Calisto and Melibea. The small garden is located on the city wall and offers wonderful views over the cathedrals and the Tormes riverbank. It is located in the spot where it is believed Fernando de Rojas set the meeting of his famous protagonists and their tragic finale in his novel 'La Celestina'.
  • Patio chico. This small square offers a view over perhaps the best architecture in Salamanca: the apse of the Old Cathedral, El Gallo Tower, and the south façade, dome and tower of the New Cathedral.

Irene recommends

Chapel of La Veracruz

This 16th-century church was renovated by Joaquín Churriguera in the 18th century, providing it with a Baroque style.

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