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The sea, the people, the history and lust for life.

Founded by the Phoenicians around 3,000 years ago, Cadiz is the oldest city in the west.

The historical centre has been granted Cultural Heritage Interest status. The different peoples who settled here left a cultural mark whose influence can still be seen today in the Cadiz character.

This peninsula on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia has managed to preserve a major historical legacy thanks to it being an important trading post, as well as having excellent beaches and delicious regional cuisine.

The Costa de la Luz runs between the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz, and offers many destinations combining culture and leisure. For nature lovers, there is nothing better than the Doñana National Park - granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

The old Phoenician Gades and the Roman Gadir saw its maximum splendour in the 17th century, monopolising trade with the overseas territories. This drive attracted pirate raids, forcing the city to fortify by constructing defensive bulwarks, castles and watchtowers on every rooftop. These are just a few of the city's features, with another highlight being the ironwork on the many balconies.

What to see

  • Our visit could begin at Puerta Tierra gate, an entry to the city walls and a dividing line between modern and ancient Cadiz. On the one side, it has wide avenues, beaches (La Victoria, Santa María and La Cortadura), yacht clubs and modern sports facilities. On the other, the Cadiz of history and flavour, home to the old neighbourhoods: El Pópulo, the old mediaeval town; La Viña, the fishing and facetious neighbourhood bar none, or Santa María, a living temple to Flamenco. Streets with distinct characters that have managed to maintain a combined homely unity and comprise an exceptionally beautiful area.
  • Cadiz Cathedral. The yellow-tiled dome of the cathedral rises on the Atlantic façade, overlooking the Campo del Sur area. Baroque and Neoclassical in style, the crypt holds the remains of composer Manuel de Falla. The old Roman theatre and old cathedral are located next door.
  • The heart of Cadiz is home to the Municipal Museum of History of Cadiz, the Tavira Tower - one of the most emblematic in the city - and the Church of San Felipe Neri, a National Monument where the liberal constitution was debated in 1812.
  • Also worth a visit is what was once the royal square, parade ground and market built on land reclaimed from the sea. This is the Plaza de San Juan de Dios where, looking to the nearby port, visitors can see the Neoclassical Cadiz Town Hall.
  • Next to the port are the Plaza de España, the Palace of the County Council and the Monument to the Liberal Parliament. The tree-lined Plaza Mina is home to the Archaeology and Fine Art Museum of Cadiz, which has interesting Phoenician exhibits, while Plaza de San Francisco is home to the church of the same name. The city's shopping streets are around the Plaza de las Flores, as is, naturally, the Central Market. The Plaza del Tío de la Tiza is the main focal point of La Viña Neighbourhood where the Carnival (granted International Tourism Interest status) and its facetious character (ironic lyrics) originate.
  • Cadiz is home to important religious buildings that bear witness to the religious fervour of Andalusians. The church of Santa María and Convent of Santo Domingo are important in the Santa María neighbourhood. The parish church of La Palma is found in La Viña and on the other side of the city, next to La Candelaria Bulwark, is the church of El Carmen.
  • The best views over the Atlantic Ocean can be had on a stroll through the landscaped spots of Alameda de la Apodaca, the Parque Genvés park and the Playa de la Caleta beach. This beach is the only one in the old town and is framed by the Castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastián. The beach leads to the Balneario de la Palma y del Real spa.

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